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    (The Nationalist, 1965-12-11)
    President Nyerere has received congratulatory messages on the occasion of Republic Day
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    Uhuru means hard work
    (Daily News, 1980-12-06)
    President Nyerere's speech at yesterday's mass rally in Salisbury Zimbabwe .
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    Mwalimu's speeches must be published
    (Daily News, 1977-11-21)
    NDUGU Augustino Mduda's letter which appeared on November 13 deserve comment .It is true Mwalimu Nyerere,s speeches have not been published for a long time.The last speeches published were"Man and Development" and freedom and Development" in 1973 by the Oxford University press(Eastern Africa).
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    Unity for a new order
    (Daily News, 1979-02-13)
    President Nyerere address the ministerial conference of the group of 77 at Arusha.
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    Keep space free of nuclear weapons
    (Daily News, 1985-01-31)
    Speech by President Nyerere at the Six Nation Summit on Disbarment in new Delhi India on January 28,1985.
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    The Church should crusade against injustice
    (Daily News, 1984-09-20)
    President Nyerere,s Speech to the Synod of the Passionist Fathers in Dodoma,on September 17,1984.
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    President Nyerere's Speech to Parliament at the Karimjee Hall in Dar es Salaam
    (Daily News, 1985-08-01)
    This sector at the center of all our economic planning. That turnaround has begun. The agricultural sector now receives a very much higher percentage of our development Budget. The cooperative Unions have been reintroduced their abolition was the other Ministries as well as of the Districts and region are being increasing oriented towards services to the needs of the peasants.
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    Law and justice are inseparable
    (Daily News, 1985-08-31)
    Following is the full text of President Nyerere's speech on receiving the honorary degree of Laws at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India this week.
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    (Daily News, 1985-03-07)
    Mwalimu is wrongly reported to have" warned Africa to regard the Nkomati accord purely as a retreat by South Africa..." when in fact Mwalimu had said
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    Netherlands Praised
    (Daily News, 1978-05-01)
    President Nyerere has praised the Netherlands for her continued economic assistance to developing countries
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    Nyerere joins in Isle big festivities and warns: greater revolution remains
    (The Nationalist, 1966-02-14)
    "Our revolution must continue till our country be a genuine socialist one where there will be no exploitation from any section of the people", this was stated by President Nyerere at a mass rally celebrating the second anniversary of the Zanzibar revolution.
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    Hotuba ya Raisi Julius K. Nyerere katika Bunge
    (Mpiga Chapa Mkuu wa Serikali, 1985-07-29) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    Hii ni hotuba ya Raisi Julius K. Nyerere katika bunge Dar es salaam, Julai 29 1985. Alihutubia kwa kuyatazama mambo aliyoyafanya toka alipokabidhiwa jukumu la kuingoza nchi ikiwa huru. "Napenda kuyatazama mambo hayo kulingana na shabaha tulizojiwekea mwaka 1961, 1962 na 1964". Hayo ni maneno yake
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    A time of struggle : address by President Julius K. Nyerere to the National Assembly, Dar es Salaam, 22nd July, 1980
    (1980) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    A time of struggle : address by President Julius K. Nyerere to the National Assembly, Dar es Salaam, 22nd July, 1980 address by President Julius K.Nyerere to the National Assembly Dar es Salaam, 22 July ,1980.
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    Uchumi wetu, 1965 hadi 1967
    (Mpiga Chapa wa Serikali, 1966) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    Hotuba ya Rais Mwalimu Julius K .Nyerere kuhusu Makadirio ya Fedha katika Bunge.Juni 13,1966
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    University of Dar es Salaam 10th Anniversary Celebration
    (University of Dar es Salaam, 1980) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    University of Dar es Salaam 10th Anniversary Celebrations address by the Chancellor of the University president Julius K.Nyerere
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    Independence and solidarity
    (National Press Club, 1963) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    This book address by the president of Republic of Tanganyika, Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere in Washington D.C- July 15, 1963. He addressed as a member of the Nation Press Club, who represent the leading newspapers, pres service associations, radio and television networks and stations and many weekly and monthly publications.
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    Principles and Development
    (Government printer, 1962) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    This is a statement or memorandum that written by president of the United Republic of Tanzania and President of TANU, June, 1966
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    Reflections on Africa and its future
    (Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, 1987) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    This was a lecture of Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere that held in Silver Jubilee, Nigeria.
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    Our economy, 1965-1967
    (Government Printer, 1966) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    This is a speech of Mwalimu Nyerere, the president of the united republic of Tanzania, that introduced the five year development plan for Tanganyika and commended it for your attention.
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    Man and development
    (Oxford University Press, 1974) Nyerere, Julius Kambarage
    This book deals with some aspects of man's life, duty and right in society. It showed a reaffirmation of the fundamental unity and equality of all human being regardless of color, race, religion or sex