The Four Circuit Project, Ngorongoro Conservation Area

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The Four Circuit Project Improved access to physical and historical features of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, to encourage visits by Tanzanians and by tourists, and so benefit the pastoral Maasai residents. Context The Project covers the whole of the 3,200 square miles of Ngorongoro Conservation Area, from the top of extinct volcanoes 1000 feet above sea level, to the bottom of the rift Valley and Lake Natron at 2500 feet above sea level.-justification Many interesting geological, archaeological, and historical features remain unrecorded through lack of publication and unvisited through lack of roads. This means that, lacking alternative interests, tourists concentrate on the Crater floor, leading to an excess of personnel and transport, detrimental to the environment. This Project is designed to draw them off from the Crater floor, but at the same time to encourage them to pro-long their stay at Ngorongoro. This is of financial benefit to the Maasai, the Prime Minister having ruled that they should benefit from this revenue by 2%. The Project also ensures that tourist traffic will be concen¬trated on defined routes, thus obviating haphazard running over the grazing. This is an urgent problem in the Crater, and likely in future to affect the grazing on the plains. Increased tourism and the Four Circuit Project will also, give employment to the local 'Maasai, of whom too few are currently employed by the Authority or the tourist industry. Objectives To improve services to tourists to Ngorongoro Conservation Area by making the Area's many geological and historical features more available, and so increasing Maasai employment and financial profit from tourism.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr .Wilbert Changula Library( EAF FOS F82)
Ngorongoro Conservation Area, tourists, archaeological, geological
Fosbrooke, Henry A. (1994) The Four Circuit Project, Ngorongoro Conservation Area