Assessment of the problems of excessive use of internet among undergraduate students: the case of University of Dodoma

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study is an assessment of the problems of excessive use of internet among undergraduate students, a case study of the University of Dodoma. The study analysed internet use patterns among the students and student's awareness of excessive internet use. It also examined problems associated with excessive internet use, and made suggestions for addressing challenges resulting from the excessive use of internet. Data for the study were collected through a review of documentary sources, face-to-face interviews with key informants, self-administered questionnaires and observation. Qualitative data were analysed through content analysis while quantitative data was done through the SPSS programme version 16. Findings from the study revealed that there are problems of excessive use of internet among the students of the University of Dodoma, as reported by the students. The identified problems associated with excessive use of the internet include behavioural, educational, interpersonal, psychological, and physical problems. Symptoms reported include escape from other problems and characteristic withdrawal syndrome, tolerance, craving; negative effects, introversion, loss of control, and reduced activities. The researcher concluded that the problems of excessive internet use in the University of Dodoma are somehow severe and they need to be solved before they get worse. The study recommends a clinical approach involving psychologists and mental health professionals since the nature of the problem is behavioural oriented like any other addiction. Campaigns to educate parents, students, teachers, and governments institutions on the problems associated with the excessive use of internet should be initiated.
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Internet users, College students, university of Dododma, Tanzania
Mwakibinga, L. H. (2016) Assessment of the problems of excessive use of internet among undergraduate students; the case of University of Dodoma, Masters’ dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (