Information seeking in electronic environment: an investigation of forestry researchers in Tanzania.

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study examined the way Tanzanian forestry researchers seek and disseminate research information in the growing global electronic environment. The survey method was used for data collection, using self-administered questionnaire. Interviews and observations methods supplemented the survey method. Three forestry research institutions were surveyed, fifty-three respondents were given questionnaire to fill in and three officers were interviewed. Findings of the study showed a wide range of information needs among forestry researchers in the studied institutions. Researchers depended mainly on their institutional libraries to meet their information needs, but also they used other forestry research institution libraries; some international, governmental and non-governmental organizations. Researchers depended mostly on printed sources but also there was evidence that they were moving towards the use of electronic resources. A good number of forestry researchers were using various types of electronic information resources like CD-ROM databases and Internet services in different capacities. Other important sources of information were consulting professional colleagues and attending professional workshops and seminars. However, the use of electronic information resources in the dissemination of information was still low. The full use of electronic information resources was mainly hindered by such problems as lack of awareness, inadequate funds, low level of training training, insufficient appropriate hardware and software and lack of national ICT policy. Based on the study findings, a number of recommendations were made. These include: improving the situation of forestry research institution libraries, networking all forestry research institution libraries, libraries should have promotional programmes, recruit IT personnel and that there should be a national ICT policy.
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Information services, Electronic resources, Forestry research institutions
Said, A. S. (2003). Information seeking in electronic environment: an investigation of forestry researchers in Tanzania. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (