A treetops for Tanzania

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So Tanzania wants a Treetops's but it can’t have it in Ngorongoro Crater. I There seems an obvious solution to this problem - look for another site. But before developing this theme, it seems advisable to study the lessons to be drawn from the Ngorongoro controversy, which as an ex-Conservator of the Area I have followed from afar with great interest. The reasons for establishing a 'Treetops' have been clearly set out, both by Mr. Leavitt, the Managing Director of the Crater Lodge in his letter to the Standard of 5th June and in the Ministerial statement issued on 28th May. A 'Treetops' would attract more tourists to Tanzania and give them an experience that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Structurally, buildings can be erected which are aesthetically satisfying, with a minimum disturbance to the environment. Services can be maintained, as Mr--. Leavitt explains, without detriment to the peace and tranquility of the site by a number of ingeneous methods, including disposable utensils to overcome the problem of dish-washing. Incidentally the problems of sanitation, the pumping of water and the generation of electricity have not been mentioned in the correspondence I have seen, but they are issues which can all be settled by the application of ingenuity and finance, neither of which should be spared on such a project.
Available in Print form, East Africana Collection, Dr Wilbert Chagula Library, ( FOS F78 T73)
Treetops, Ngorongoro Crater, tourism
Fosbrooke, Henry A. (1961) A treetops for Tanzania