Problems of implementing humanistic approaches to the teaching of the integrated social studies in Dar es salaam

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University of Dar es Salaam
Research findings on the teaching of Social Science subjects for the past two decades have revealed the prevalence of undemocratic methods of teaching. The study on problems of implementing humanistic approaches to the teaching of the Integrated Social Studies (ISS) in primary schools in Dar es Salaam was inspired by the need to understand the prevalence and persistence of authoritarian methods of teaching. Humanistic approaches to the teaching and learning are supported by the constructivist theory, Tanzania’s educational philosophy of Education for Self Reliance (ESR) and policy documents. Variables under study were: teachers’ understanding of the goals of the ISS; competence in the use of humanistic approaches in the teaching of the subject; instructional resources for the ISS; the assessment system and political culture. The study involved 123 respondents. It covered five primary schools, both English and Kiswahili media in Temeke and Kinondoni districts in Dar es Salaam. Questionnaire, interview, observation schedules and documentary review were used in collecting data. Data captured through the instruments were analyzed using the SPSS programme and descriptions. It revealed that teachers understood the goals of the subject but teaching methods were undemocratic in all Kiswahili medium schools and St.Mary’s International School. This was due to acute shortage of textbooks and other instructional materials. The assessment system and political culture also attributed to the problem. The study recommends that; ISS teachers should undergo seminars, and in-service courses and workshops so as to conscietize them on the subject goals, the Ministry of Education and Culture in collaboration with the Tanzania Institute of Education should print and distribute textbooks to both categories of schools, ample space should be created for pupils, the number of pupils should be made as small as practicable and Teacher Training Colleges should launch programmes on ISS with emphasis on humanistic approaches. Finally, concerted efforts should be made to change the legacy of the authoritarian political culture inherent in most Tanzanian teacher
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF LC1001.H8232)
Problems, implementing humanistic, approaches, teaching, integrated social studies, Dar es salaam, primary schools
Zablon, S (2004),Problems of implementing humanistic approaches to the teaching of the integrated social studies in Dar es salaam, Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam .Dar es Salaam.