Accountability and academic perfomance in Tanzania's public secondary schools 1986-1990

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University of Dar es Salaam
This thesis investigates the relationship between accounatbility and academic perfomance in Tanzania 's public secondary schools. Chapter one is a general introduction to the study. It defines the problem area, provides the assumptions that guide the study, and sets the methodology of the study. Chapter two reviews the literature on what other researchers say concerning the problem. It presents literature review on accountability and that on different aspects of the teaching-learning experience.The concern is on how they contribute to the academic perfomance in schools. Chapter three traces the way how teaching the required number of subject periods is managed, monitored and contolled in schools.The findings revealed that the number of subject periods taught per subject per academic year in some subjects is not adequate. The percentage of periods taught per academic year in some subjects is below 50%. The general avarege percentage taught for every subject is only 60% reflecting the small amount of the material taught to students. Chapter four examines syllabus coverage.The findings revealed that syllabuses are covered to around 80%. But this percentage is undermined by teachers' habit of skipping and shortening topics haphazardly. Chapter five deals with the availability of teachers in schools. It was revealed that the percentage of teachers in different subjects are high enough but students's examination perfomance is low every year. Chapter six focuses on school inspections in relation to students examination perfomance. The findings revealed that most subjects are not inspected regularly. And that in both those which are inspected regularly and those which are not inspected regularly, students' perfomance in them is low every year. Chapter seven presents the summary, conclusions, and recommendations. From the study findings it is conluded that accountability and academic perfomance are not directly related. The former affects the latter through the medium of academically knowledgeable teachers. It is therefore recommended that the educational authorities should focus their attention to the improvements of teachers' academic competence and the way of presenting the subject matter to the students.
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Education, Secondary, Public secondary schools, Tanzania
Bunga, G.J (1993) Accountability and academic perfomance in Tanzania's public secondary schools 1986-1990, masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (