The contribution of women participation in maternal health intervention in Monduli district

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study investigated the contribution of women participation in maternal health interventions in Monduli district. The aim was identify the key determinants of women participation in maternal health and investigating the impact of women participation in influencing maternal health outcome. Descriptive research design ad case study method was used in the study. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were applied to collect data. The methods of data collection involved included documentary review, observation, and questionnaire, interview and focus group discussion. Questionnaires were used to five maternal health personnel and three local government officials while interviews were used to the 90 women respondents. One focus group discussion was conducted in each visited village. Data analysis was through content analysis for non quantifiable data and SPSS software for quantifiable data. The findings revealed the key determinants that constrain or influence women participation are self motivation, access to information health system, education system and gender relations. The modes of women participation include attending MCH seminars and village assemblies. The found implications of women participation included joy of motherhood and improved maternal health outcome. It was recommended by the researcher that, women and the community need more empowerment and education that can support women participation in maternal health interventions for it is vital in reducing maternal deaths.
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Maternal health services, Mortality, Mothers, Maternal morbidity, Monduli district, Maternal mortality
Ndaki, P (2010)