Citizens’ participation in lower level of local governance: the case of selected wards in Chalinze Constituency

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study investigated citizens’ participation in lower level of local governance, the case of selected wards in Chalinze constituency. The study employed descriptive design, qualitative and quantitative techniques of data collection. Data collection methods which were used in this study are interviews, questionnaires, focus group discussion and documentary evidence. The objectives of this study includes analyzing the extent of citizens’ participation, assessing the form and structure of citizen’ participation as well as examining the relationship between the important actors in lower levels of local governance. The findings of the study show that, the level of citizen participation in lower levels of local governance is high despite the fact that, there are some problems which hinder performance. Citizens’ level of understanding of the concept of participation, the low level of education of the local government leaders, the lack of adequate working facilities and funds are some of the problems which hinder towards citizens’ participation in making decision for their own development. Therefore, there is close link between citizens’ participation and development; this means that, if citizens’ participate in making decision concerning their own needs, development process will be achieved because people are more concerned with the plans and projects that they participate in. From these findings, the following are the recommendations which are crucial for successful functioning of local governance in development process. Citizens should be educated on whole concept of participation and it’s significant. The local government leaders should be educated professionals. The local government should be equipped with necessary working facilities and funds to enhance its performance.
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Local government, Local governance, Citizen participation, Chalinze constituency
Salum, M (2010) Citizens’ participation in lower level of local governance: the case of selected wards in Chalinze Constituency. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at