Monthly social development compliance report, July 2007

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Bulyanhulu gold mine (BGM)
Bulyanhulu Gold Mine (BGM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Barrick Gold Corporation based in Canada, is responsible for development and management of Bulyanhulu Gold Mine Project. The project is located in northwest Tanzania, approximately 45 km south of Lake Victoria at an elevation of 1,200 meters above sea level. Construction of the project commenced in 1999 and was commissioned in March 2001. Apart from mining activities, BGM is highly committed to support rural development initiatives undertaken in line with the Government of Tanzania's community development goals. BGM aims at assisting communities in promoting participatory development and self-help spirit to reduce dependence. This is done by development of a tripartite relationship and approach, whereby BGM, District Council and the Community at large work together to solve problems facing them. This initiative is expected to raise standard of living of the people and increase ownership through community active participation to achieve sustainable Development. Community engagement at BGML is a continuous process began during exploration phase over construction through operations and closure. Effective community engagement facilitates cooperative relations with local stakeholders, provides a mechanism for monitoring public perception and enables the adaptation of project plans in response to community concerns. It also creates an understanding of the needs of the community which can be used to develop appropriate socio-economic development programs that will provide benefits beyond the life of the mine. An effective community engagement process, especially at the early stages, can set the tone of the relationship with the community for the entire mine life, and is therefore of critical importance. BGML's investments in community development activities aims at developing long-term partnerships with communities, employees, Government agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and other stakeholders in order to deliver significant and sustainable benefits to the communities and employees. Community Department at BGM through the Social Development Policy is to ensure community development programmes are designed to promote sustainable economic growth, environmental protection, education, community capacity building, health and welfare of people directly or indirectly affected by mining activities. The focus is on the following key issues: In partnership with other key community stakeholders, BGM through community development services undertake programmes and activities that will lead to sustainable and integrated local development, and improvement in the quality of life for mine workers and existing residents in the area; To comply with all relevant Tanzanian legislation, as well as with the policies of Barrick Gold Corporation and BGM and the guidelines of the World Bank, regarding social development; and To build on BGM's strong reputation both within the country and in the international mining community.
Barrick (Bulyanhulu gold mine (BGM)), Community development department
Social development, Rural development, Barrick Gold Corporation
Barrick (2007). Monthly social development compliance report July 2007, Report, Bulyanhulu gold mine (BGM).