The analysis of the benefits of the East Africa Community common market to Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study focuses on the analysis of the benefits of the Tanzania’s participation in the East Africa Community, specifically, the East Africa Community Common Market (EAC-CM). The study dwells on how Tanzania will maximise the benefits of East Africa Community-Common Market membership and at the same time minimise the negative consequences resulting from the same in the short run as well in the long run. The study uses mainly desk research for the purpose of data collection and fact finding. The study analyses the trade performance within EAC countries, the environment and cost of doing business in Tanzania, and key sectors that can leverage Tanzania’s position in the EACM, opportunity and threats to the Tanzania’s businesses resulting from the country’s participation in the EAC-CM. In general, the study finds that EAC-CM has significant welfare benefits arising from greater competition, economies of scale and higher level of trade and investment. Tanzania should come up with a comprehensive strategy for effective participation in the East Africa Common Market. Tanzania ought to capitalise more on its geographical location advantages, such as nearness to the sea, provided more investments in railways and ports are properly chosen, sequenced and cost sharing among countries and investors determined. The quality of our education system needs to be significantly improved and the population be readied education-wise for stiff competition in export trading, employment and attracting investment. English language teaching should be improved substantially.
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East African Community, Regional Economic integration, International economic integration, Tanzania
Nguruse, D. (2011) The analysis of the benefits of the East Africa Community common market to Tanzania. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at