Changing nature of Kauraye youth group activities in the post-independent Katsina, Nigeria (1960-2013)

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University of Dar es Salaam
Negative activities among youth groups have remained a phenomenon in the developing countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa. This thesis focused on the activities of such group, the Kauraye in post independent Katsina state, Nigeria. While the activities of this group in pre- colonial and colonial periods were considered as prescriptive and contributory to the general development of the society, their activities in the post-independent period are considered as proscriptive by the state and the public. This study explored the nature and socio-demographic status of Kauraye and the factors that led to the change in the nature of their activities in postindependent Katsina. Thus, the study has adopted multi-theory approach and mixed research method in data collection in order to explore the changing nature of Kauraye activities. The activities of Kauraye youth in Katsina from the period of Nigerian independence were not so pronounced until the return of democracy in 1999. Their activities have been identified as one of the major social problems bedeviling the state. The findings of the study indicate that activities of Kauraye in postindependent Katsina State are mostly associated with thuggery in party politics, local vigilante, participation in traditional ceremonies and public harassment of innocent citizens. The use of arms, charms, special weaponry, sale and consumption of drugs are also identified as among the major contributory factors to the prevailing picture of Kauraye. This thesis therefore examined the changing nature of their activities, contributory factors and impact of those activities. The work further examines the social characteristics of Kauraye groups located in different location of the state. The study has made some contribution to the empirical research by adopting mixed research method. As part of its recommendations the research observed that in order to understand the nature and activities of Kauraye in post-independent Katsina, there is the need to underscore the role of differential association, conflict and structuration theories. It also suggests the re-organisation of the social structure of the Nigerian state in order to prevent the political elites from using this youth group as a means of capital accumulation and manipulation of political parameters. The study also recommends that state and local governments in Katsina should come together to improve and address developmental needs of their people and that failure to address issues related to infrastructural development, poverty and economic matters greatly worsens societal conditions, thereby creating a resentful youth population that is vulnerable to negative activities. Improving the conditions of living of these youth in the state will help in curbing the culture of over-dependence on political elites by this army of unemployed youth.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF HS3250.K36)
Youth, Societies and clubs, Societies and clubs, Katsina, Politics and Government, Nigeria
Kankara, I.S. (2015) Changing nature of Kauraye youth group activities in the post-independent Katsina, Nigeria (1960-2013), Doctoral dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam