Factors motivating public secondary school teachers’ participation in higher education in Rungwe district, Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The main purpose of this study was to examine the factors motivating public secondary school teachers to participate in Higher Education (HE) in Rungwe district. The study was guided by three research objectives: to examine factors motivating public secondary school teachers to participate in HE; to explore problems facing schools when teachers leave for HE; and to find out the kind of assistance/support which teachers receive when they are pursuing HE. The study was conducted in ten public secondary schools with a total of 42 respondents who were obtained through purposive and convenience sampling techniques. The data were generated through documentary review, interviews and questionnaires. The study employed a qualitative approach using case study research design.The study findings revealed that teachers were participating in HE due to an array of factors with salary increments being the most influencing factor, while other factors included promotion into higher posts, poor working environment, curriculum changes, globalization and prestige. Challenges such as loss of manpower, inefficiency of teachers due to heavy workloads, increase of students’ indiscipline, disturbance of the school timetable and misunderstanding between school management and parents were observed due to teachers’ absence for HE. In order to support teachers to participate effectively in HE, stakeholders recommended the provision of school fees, accommodation and stationery allowances, timely provision of release letters, the employer to pay faculty and learning materials to teachers and promoting teachers who complete HE on time. The study concluded that teachers are participating in higher education due to number of personal factors including curriculum changes, salary increments, poor working environment, promotion into higher posts globalization and prestige and not because the employer has made it necessary for them to do so. The challenges emerged due to teachers’ absence for HE push the school heads to apply other efforts to bring equilibrium through hiring part time teachers, providing remedial classes, reducing number of streams, motivating teachers and providing studying techniques to students.It was recommended that the government has to upgrade teachers’ working conditions and provide frequent subject seminars, workshops and other trainings to teachers so as to increase competence and efficiency in their work. Lastly, there is a need to conduct other studies of a similar nature with large samples to have results that will help to get a wide scope of the problem and the way it can be addressed so as to improve the quality education.
Available in print form, University of Dar es Salaam at Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library(THS EAF KB1737.T34A53 )
High school teachers, Education, Higher, Motivation, Rungwe district, Tanzania
Angetile, E(2013)Factors motivating public secondary school teachers’ participation in higher education in Rungwe district, Tanzania, Master dissertation, University of Dr es Salaam, Dar es Salaam