The effects of tourism in Tanzania: the case of Bagamoyo Coastal Area.

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University of Dar es Salaam
The development of tourism along the coast area is one among the most important economic activities in the coastal areas of Tanzania whereby most of these areas are poorly developed in terms of economic and social development. Tanzania has over the years attempted to promote coastal tourism development with the aim that the industry will bring about positive contribution to the development of the economy. This study is about tourism and its effects on social, cultural, economic as well as natural resources of coastal areas of Bagamoyo District in Tanzania. The study findings and analysis reveal that there is little contribution of tourism sector to the social and economic development of the local communities. Furthermore there are negative effects occurred on natural resources, social, cultural and economic development of the area which might affect the tourism development in the coastal area. The study findings and analysis indicate that the main factor for the negative effects is due to inadequate planning and management of the tourism sector which contribute to negative effects on social, economic and cultural on the coastal area of Bagamoyo where tourism activities are taking place. This main factor had been clearly stipulated in chapter four of this dissertation. It is on the basis of the entire findings and analysis of the study that some recommendations are put forward as part of the efforts towards promoting tourism development and enhancing sustainable development of the sector on social, cultural and environment protection. Such recommendations have been grouped into three categories first, promoting of tourism activities, second enhancing local communities benefit and third are the measures on environment conservation through sustainable development of tourism sector. All these recommendations intend to promote sustainable development of tourism along the coastal area of Bagamoyo.
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Tourist trade, Case studies, Bagamoyo coastal area, Tanzania
Toroka, N. (2003). The effects of tourism in Tanzania: the case of Bagamoyo Coastal Area. Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (