Financing students with disabilities in public secondary schools in Tanzania mainland.

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study aimed at investigating the extent to which the financing of education considers individual needs of students with different disabilities in Korogwe District and Ilala Municipality in Tanzania Mainland. The study was guided by three research tasks, namely: To examine the extent to which funds allocated in secondary schools meet the cost of schooling for students with disabilities, To examine how the financing system considers students with different types of disabilities in secondary schools and; To examine adequacy of financial resources allocated to secondary schools at enhancing student with disabilities. To attain the purpose of the study, mainly qualitative approach was applied although some aspects of descriptive statistics were included, to facilitate the study; the researcher used case study design. The data were collected from Korogwe district in Tanga region and Ilala Municipal in Dar es Salaam region. To select the respondents, stratified random and purposive sampling techniques were used. In all, 103 respondents, including, education officers, Heads of schools, teachers, parents, students and school board members were involved in the study Data collection methods involved documentary review, interviews, questionnaires, observation and Focus group discussion. Data were analysed qualitatively and quantitatively.The findings showed that the financial support accrued from different sources for some schools does not meet the cost of schooling for students with disabilities, some of the disabled students were not able to cover all or majority of the costs. The funds from government through capitation and development grants do not consider students with different disabilities so with this regard the grants have done very little in compensating the schools’ and students’ variation in educational needs. In addition, financial resource allocated to secondary school does not enhance teaching and learning to students with disabilities, this makes differences in access to education facilities between students with disabilities and students without disabilities continue to persist. The study recommends that there is a need for government to do needs assessment and allocate funds to schools by formula that uses as many criteria as possible that will help to ensure equity and equality in provision of education to students with disabilities. Secondary schools should establish sustainable income generating projects that can augment the major source of fund so as to finance students with disabilities. The study recommends replicated study on a wider setting involving more schools with students with disabilities and their categories and regions for generalization and comparison.
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Students with disabilities, Children with disabilities, Special education, Finance
William, F(2012),Financing students with disabilities in public secondary schools in Tanzania mainland. , master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam available at( )