Conflicts between pastoralists and farmers over land use: a case stufy of Kilosa District

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University of Dar es Salaam
Land resources management under conditions of climatic viability, population pressure and low incomes is a severe challenge to society. This research is based on the study that seeks to find out ways of alleviating conflicts emanating from land and its resources. The significance of the study is based on the fact that it is not only important for Tanzania but also for many African countries with similar or related problems. Research findings from two villages of Kilosa District reveal that causal factors leading to land use conflict emanate from the fact that Government bureaucrats do not take appropriate actions whenever conflicts occur. In the process, people get tired of unresolved problems and consequently, take law in their own hands. More importantly, village councils that are the sole allocating authorities own land in villages. The land tenure is regulated in accordance with statutory law. In other words, no one can claim a right nor customary ownership of land. This is because no grant has yet been made to villages to warrant a granted right of occupancy. This factor has an important bearing on land use management and has been a source of conflicts including boundary conflicts as experienced in Tindiga village in Kilosa District. In due regard, the study recommends formulation of a comprehensive land management plan that will be of use to development practitioners such as extension staff, administrators as well as politicians. The plan will aid in mobilising in aspects such as rural development programmes, sustainable resource use, sharing management and peaceful co-existence of people with different economic undertakings such as pastoralism and agriculture
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Land use, Citizen participation, Land use rural, Farmers, Pasture, right of
Mtwale, B. A. (2002) Conflicts between pastoralists and farmers over land use: a case stufy of Kilosa District, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (