Effect of population increase on water and sanitation: a case study of Korogwe district

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Dungumaro, Esther William
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University of Dar es Salaam
The study on Effect of Rapid Population Increase on Water and Sanitation, aimed at examining the effect of rapid population increase on availability of domestic water and sanitary condition. When the provision of domestic water becomes inadequate, then lack of enough water, contaminated water result in the water bore diseases. This causes the government to spend a lot of money on preventable diseases. Money which could be diverted to some other development activities is used on preventable diseases; time which could be used to work on other economic activities is spent in search for water. These two points, show how important is provision of safe water and at a reasonable distance. It was prompted by the need to examine the population growth of Korogwe and its characteristics and later the effects of population growth on domestic water and sanitation. Descriptive analysis is utilized to identify the population growth of Korogwe and their characteristics. Multiple regression analysis is used to identify the significant variables which influence domestic water shortage and poor sanitary conditions. The findings indicate that migration component contributed more than the natural increase component and the reclassification of urban areas. The domestic water shortage in the study area was found to be the result of rapid population increase coupled with destruction of water sources and collapse of water systems. Old and serviced water systems also contribute to domestic water shortage. Regarding sanitation, the respondents pointed out that the leading factor was irresponsibility of the town council to collect and safely dispose the waste. It was also noted from the respondents that they would like to use other approaches of making their sanitary conditions better. These include the use of private sectors, community based organizations (CBOs) and partnership of these organizations with the district council.
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Population, Sanitation, Tanzania, Korogwe district, Water supply
Dungumaro, E. W. (1997) Effect of population increase on water and sanitation: a case study of Korogwe district, Masters’ dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (