Wildlife and Livestock Relationship: MAASAI

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This paper relies on two main sources, firstly an article written by a Veterinary officer more than 2 5 years ago, who served in Kenya Maasai for 2 5 years and spoke the Maa language; he published a one- page article in Africana Vol.3 No.5 1968 entitled "The Masai and Wildlife ' which contains much material not readily available. My other main source is another Veterinary officer, Dr. P.M. Loomu, an alumnus of this University, who has been posted at Loliondo for the last eight years: his duties cover the whole Ngorongoro District which includes the Crater and the eastern Serengeti. My own contacts with Ngorongoro on and off since 1934 as a District officer, a consultant and a Board member enables me to present this professional knowledge in today's perspective. It is hoped that the problems arising from the degraded position, the Ngorongoro pastoralists will be relieved by "the Economic Recovery Programme of the NCA Pastoralists" the subject of a workshop recently held at Ngorongoro and attended by representatives of the prospective Danish donor, Naturfolkenes Verde, of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, of the local pastoralists and sundry outside experts. The long term objective of the project would be to re establish the pastoralist to a position whereby they could maintain themselves in a state of sustainable pastoralism: this would involve the importation from neighboring districts of up to 30,000 head of cattle over the next two years. But it was appreciated that the imported cattle could be at severe risk unless first the shortcomings of stock keeping in the Area be rectified. This involved the re establishment of adequate veterinary services, particularly the restoration of the dips currently out of action, the improvement of the pasture, especially more active tick control by the re-establishment of the burning regime and the repair of the several water schemes currently rendering inefficient service
Available in Print form, East Africana Collection, Dr Wilbert Chagula Library, ( EAF FOS F28)
Fosbrooke, Henry A, E, C.B, A.K (194) Wildlife and Livestock Relationship: MAASAI