Evaluation of HADO Project

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"The main objective of this project HADO is to prevent soil erosion and to reclaim already eroded land in the semi-arid Dodoma region". "This soil conservation scheme is recognized, internationally, as a pilot project which will be followed by scientists all over the world." These two extracts from the Swedish/Tanzanian Review Mission, 1977 lead to the questions, how far is Hado preventing soil erosion? how effective are its measures for reclaiming already eroded land? and how far is it serving as a pilot project in producing methods which can be applied in Tanzania and elsewhere? The objectives The project is designed to evaluate all aspects of Hado, in particular 1, The physical reclamation work, a) mechanical, its cost/effectiveness, efficiency, cost per ha vehicle control, comparison with hand labour etc b) its effectiveness in control^run-off, restoration of fertility, major catchment control. c) its potential as a pilot project to be expanded into a national conservation unit, including its capacity for land use planning. 2) The re-afforestation aspects:- a) the planting of re-claimed areas b) the preservation and expansion of conservation forests c) the development of wind breaks, fuel plantations and village wood lots.
Available in Print form, East Africana Collection, Dr Wilbert Chagula Library, (EAF FOS F78.E92 )
HADO, project, Evaluation
Fosbrooke, Henry A. (1978) Evaluation of HADO Project