The effects of water scarcity of development of low-income households in Dar es Salaam: a case study of Ubungo and Tandale words

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study investigated the effects of Water scarcity on the development of low-income households of Ubungo and Tandale wards in Dar es Salaam, in relation to their health status. Methodologically, both qualitative and quantitative methods were used to collect data. Purposive respondents’ data were collected using questionnaires which were administered by the researcher himself. Face-to face interviews were carried out to collect data from the respondents. Focus group discussions and, personal observations were also used as a method to collect data The Data was analysed using SPSS program which helped the researcher to have the following findings: The health dimension in this study was the main issue in relation to development. The study found that children below five years old were the most vulnerable group as they were the ones mostly affected by water- related diseases. In addition; women were very greatly affected by water scarcity, so that they were less involved in development activities. Moreover, a good number of people bought water from street vendors, which was not safe. The study also found that water was not equally distributed. Corruption, poor infrastructure and illegal connections were the cause of the problem. Poor Infrastructure was regarded as the main cause of water scarcity, although a lot of efforts were being made by DAWASA and DAWASCO to reduce the problem. The study recommends a government policy be in place to put emphasis on water conservation and management, as the study found that water was wasted everywhere. It needs also to come up with a policy which will reduce corruption and improve infrastructure to enable households to access water. Community- based campaigns should be a priority to make people use water economically and thus respect the environment as the source of water for today and the generation to come. Environmental studies should be included in the curriculum in primary schools for young people to acquire knowledge on environmental degradation, and hopefully be able to learn and internalize it better than when they are mature persons.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class Mark (THS EAF HD1699.A2T34K36)
Water resources development, Water scarcity, Dar es Salaam
Richard, K. (2007) The effects of water scarcity of development of low-income households in Dar es Salaam: a case study of Ubungo and Tandale words, University of Dar es Salaam.