The marketing of woodware products in Tanzania: the case of Tanzania's handicrafts marketing cooperation

dc.contributor.authorMwabuki, Joseph
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dc.description.abstractThis study is a description of a survey of the growth and development of marketing of Tanzania handcrafts with a special reference to art wood ware products. The main theme in this undertaking is directed towards the marketing activities of Tanzania Handicrafts Marketing Corporation Limited (the off spring of the defunct National Arts of Tanzania limited) both at domestic and international level. Added to this is the study of the process involved in producing the products in question, the problems of the industry faces, the conclusions and recommendations based on their significance in the cultural and economic life of the people and the country as a whole. For the purpose of this study the survey method was used involving desk research (library and official documents) and field research (interviews, questionnaires and participant observation techniques. The study was carried out in six regions. They catered for both internal and international (export) marketing. From each researched region two groups of producers were randomly selected for interviews. The testing of hypotheses was conducted and where applicable the statistical analysis tools were utilized. The thesis gives a historical development of the art wood wares industry ranging from the attempts to market traditional products to the marketing activities of modern wood wares. It includes the establishment of a government enterprise aiming at the socialization of the trade. It also deals with the findings pertaining to the inauguration and organization of the Tanzania Handicrafts Marketing Corporation. Essentially, it looks into the product development and the marketing activities domestically and internationally, that ie it explains how the company gets its goals produced and market. Thus it is hypothesized that the width and consistency of the product mix has worked positively to the corporations revenues. The aim of any business is to attract the market. It is assumed that the art wood wares account more for the export market than the art wood ware articles tend to be more consumer oriented than the other types of handicraft items channels of distribution, promotion financing and pricing aspects are also dealt with by the thesis. Last but not least, conclusions are made, some implications based on the conclusions are pointed out and some line of action recommended.en_US
dc.identifier.citationMwabuki, J (1978) The marketing of woodware products in Tanzania: the case of Tanzania's handicrafts marketing cooperation,Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( )en_US
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dc.titleThe marketing of woodware products in Tanzania: the case of Tanzania's handicrafts marketing cooperationen_US