Academic and administrative service aspects of decentralization in public secondary schools in Tanzania: the case of Mwanza city

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study intended to provide information about the status of education services in public secondary schools under decentralization policy in Tanzania. The study focused on academic and administrative aspects which were examined through the reforms undertaken, assessing the extent of success in public secondary schools, assessing the contribution of the policy on teachers` classroom practices, and analyzing the contribution of policy on community participation in improving education services. The study adopted a case study design which employed both quantitative and qualitative research approaches. The sample for the study involved form four student leaders (N=60) from 10 public secondary schools, CSEO (N=1), CED (N=1), Head of schools (N=10), Teachers (N=50), Councilors (N=8), SBCs (N=10) WECs (N=10). Data were collected through observation, documentary analysis, interviews and questionnaire and thereafter subjected to SPSS and content analysis. The study found out that, 85 (57%) respondents had awareness on policy reforms. The transformations included appointment of CSEO, establishment of secondary education department, shifting of teachers` employment and financial power. Students enrolment increased by 28% from 2008/2010, teachers` employment, school funding and salaries were under city council. The finding revealed that average teacher-student ratio ranked 1: 80, classroom size ranked 1:100, teaching periods ranked 1: 40 per week, student text book ratio ranked 1:45. All 10(100%) studied schools had no library, and 8(80%) schools had no laboratories, poor teacher’s classroom attendances, lack of classroom tests due to overcrowded classrooms and shortage of teachers. Local leaders were mobilizing community members to collect sand, blocks and water for constructions. The study concluded that academic and administrative services in public secondary schools were still poor and unsatisfactory. The researcher recommended for policy review on education financing and also a survey research to cover the whole country in order to establish a country wide status on academic and administrative service delivery.
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Secondary schools, Decentralization, Public secondary schools, Mwanza City, Tanzania
Chonya, I (2011) Academic and administrative service aspects of decentralization in public secondary schools in Tanzania: the case of Mwanza city master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Available at