The evaluation of teacher’s resource centres (TRCS) and their role to teacher professional development in Karagwe district, Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The focus of this study was to evaluate the Teachers Resource Centres (TRCs) and the role they play in teacher professional development in Karagwe district. Mainly the qualitative research methods surfaced the entire study with a case study design. The study had three objectives namely, to examine how TRC programmes were congruent to its objectives, to investigate how the available resources in TRCs facilitated teacher professional development and to assess TRCs sustainability. Data for this study were collected from the three sampled TRCs whereby the sample of the study were three education officials from Karagwe district headquarter, three TRC coordinators and two librarians and thirty three classroom teachers. Purposive sampling technique was employed to select education officials, TRC coordinators and librarians basing on their managerial positions they held. And teacher respondents were selected through cluster and simple random sampling techniques. The study used interviews, focus group discussions and documentary review as instruments of data collection. Data collected were subjected to content analysis for interpretation. Findings revealed that TRCs in Karagwe district were not operating normally as expected and hence were not running specific programmes that aimed at fostering teacher professional development. TRCs were found to fall short of resources including personnel, fiscal, physical facilities and time and consequently sustainability of these TRCs was not guaranteed through the way the key stakeholders and actors on one side and primary beneficiaries on the other side interact and operate. The study suggests that the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training establish a practical unit at the headquarters to be the overseer of TRCs functioning in the country aided by structures at regional and district levels. The Ministry also needs to allocate direct funds to TRCs to enable them get required facilities including books and furniture for the libraries and enable fabricate local teaching and learning materials at their localities. Further, the study suggests that ownership sense and practice be instilled in teachers for them to remain directly accountable to the smooth running of TRCs and hence guarantee their sustainability.
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teacher’s resource centres (TRCS), teacher professional development, Karagwe, Tanzania
Masse, S. M(2012)The evaluation of teacher’s resource centres (TRCS) and their role to teacher professional development in Karagwe district, Tanzania. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Available at (