Determinants of bar goers switching behaviors the case of urban and Peri-urban bars in Dar es Salaam

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University of Dar es Salaam
The general objective of this study focused on customers switching behaviors to the bars which is important for the success of a bar business. The study was conducted in all Municipals in Dar-es-salaam region through surveying in the Bars collecting data from bar goers and staff. Literature also discovered indicated several switching barriers that if they will be well addressed can reduce switching behaviors. This research used descriptive cross-sectional study in assessing the determinants of switching behaviors among bar goers. The study employed questionnaires in data collection and then analyzed those using SPSS through inferential statistics tools of multiple regression analysis and factor analysis. The results shows determinants of switching based on environmental, social and availability of service and products factors. Moreover, ambient, psychological, social and cultural factors also contributing to switching behavior among bar goers. The aspect of an atmosphere is important, as factors including staff service, customer characteristics and crowding can determine the decision to stay with a bar and the time (and often money) spent in that bar. Finally the study recommends that bars business to invest more in customer satisfaction as it will decrease their attitude towards the switching. Moreover, Bar business must improve their products, customer’s services, environment factors, social relation factors and product for business growth. Consequently, bar business have to properly use switching barriers to develop proactive relationship to increase customer’s loyalty hence prevent future switch.
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bar goers, alcohol, bars, switching behaviors, drinking
Matoi, P.D. (2015) Determinants of bar goers switching behaviors the case of urban and Peri-urban bars in Dar es Salaam. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam.