Forest law enforcement and governance failure: the case of Pande Game Reserve, Coastal forest, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study aimed at assessing the extent of forest law enforcement and governance (FLEG) failure by looking at activities that are taking place in the Pande Game Reserve (PGR). Specifically the study identified and analysed illegal activities, investigated nature and causes of illegal adjacent to the reserve that is Mabwe Pande and Mpiji Magoe were selected with 103 respondents sampled. Various data collection methods were used used in the study, including in-depth interviews, household surveys, observation and focus group discussions. The data were presented by using SPSS and Microsoft Excel. Data is presented in different forms such as tables, figures and graphs. Photographic evidence is also used. The study has shown that there are illegal activities which are taking place in the reserve. This includes charcoal making, poles and ropes cutting, logging and poaching of animals. The illegal activities were mainly done by people living adjacent to the reserve so as to meet the needs of an increasing population in the area. The main causes of illegal activities in Pande GR are poverty, lack of education, lack of ownership, corruption and lack of participation. In combination, these caused people to engage in illegal activities. All these activities have affected the reserve in economic, social and environmental terms which lead to the deterioration of the reserve to some extent. Given the situation, it is recommended to fence the reserve and establish better participation with communities around the reserve develop a sense of ownership of the resource and protect it from outsiders.
Available in print form, EAF Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, (THS EAF SD242.T34K52)
Forest management, Law and legislation, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Pande Game Reserve (Tanzania), Coastal Forest
Kibona, P.S (2016) Forest law enforcement and governance failure: the case of Pande Game Reserve, Coastal forest, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam