Constitutional politics in Tanzania: Zanzibar government foreign relations under the union arrangements

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University of Dar es Salaam
This dissertation was aimed at studying the nature and boundaries within which the Zanzibar government has been conducting foreign relations despite the requirement in the Articles of Union to have that item in the United Republic Government. First and foremost, it was observed that external affairs as stipulated in the main legal documents of this country are vague and inconsistent with international relations as an ever-expanding field. Currently, it is no longer relations between or among states but comprises also of non-state actors and thus is the reason why we are witnessing international cooperation. According to the Zanzibar Government, these are economic relations. The President in Zanzibar is among the principal actors in foreign relations. This is during his meetings with foreign representatives residing in Tanzania, official state visits and public rallies attended by foreign dignitaries. The presence of international organizations in Zanzibar has been learnt as a new horizon in Zanzibar foreign relations. The marginalization of state, though in piece-meal, predicts further participation of these organizations in Zanzibar internal affairs. Zanzibar cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, specifically the embassies abroad and its Zanzibar Department, is still insignificant simply because, from the Government's perspective they are dealing with external affairs which are a union-matter. It has been observed that, it is very difficult for the present two government system to avoid imminent collapse, in whatever type of government, unless the boundaries within which Zanzibar can conduct foreign relations, are broadened and clarified. This is because the economic and political survival of Zanzibar hinges on the outside world. As far as this study was confined within Zanzibar foreign relations during a one party system, Tanzania Mainland's (Tanganyika's) side of the same or foreign relations within multi-party polities have been suggested as possible areas for further research.
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Zanzibar, Politics and Government, Constitution policies, Constitution history, Tanzania
Simba, J.S (1992) Constitutional politics in Tanzania: Zanzibar government foreign relations under the union arrangements, Masters dissertation,University of Dar es Salaam.Available at ( )