Effects of microfinance loans on micro and small enterprises performance: case of NMB plc in Nyamagana district

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The university of Dar es Salaam
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of Microfinance loans on Micro and Small Enterprises with reference to MSE clients who accessed loans in NMB Plc Nyamagana district. Specifically the study sought to determine the extent to which Micro and Small Enterprises have accessed loans from NMB plc through microfinance model between 2006-2011, to determine the magnitude of growth among Micro and Small Enterprises in Nyamagana who have accessed MSE loans from NMB Plc and finally examine the challenges facing Micro and Small Enterprises in Nyamagana in accessing micro financial services from NMB Plc. The study selected a sample of 80 respondents as a sample from population 1,600 MSE customers and 15 Bank officials, making a total of 95. The stratified, purposive and simple random sampling techniques were used in selecting the respondents. Data collection was through questionnaire and interview schedules. Data analysis was done by the use of Statistical Package of Social Science (SPSS) and Excel whereby the process started with data cleaning (editing), coding, classification and interpretation. The study reveals that there’s a growth of micro enterprises performance after accessing microfinance from NMB plc, whereas 91.3% of respondents revealed agreed to this. The variables tested showed a positive changes in their business operations. Clients complained that high interest rate, stringent loan procedures and lack of collaterals are the most difficult challenges for MSE clients to access loans from the Bank. The study recommends that stakeholders to facilitate conducive environment for the segment to have sustainable growth and contributing to the economic growth of the nation.
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Microfinance, Bank loans, Small business, Nyamagana district, Tanzania
Ngonyani, L.(2013). Effects of microfinance loans on micro and small enterprises performance: case of NMB plc in Nyamagana district. Master dissertation, university of Dar es Salaam. Available at (