Memorandum to board of trustees Tanzania National Parks

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The Canadian Wildlife Federation has given its approval in principle to support this proposal and to undertake also other activi¬ties for the purpose of providing assistance to help the Government of Tanzania to achieve its Parks objectives. This will be done by means of the development of a fund-raising programme in Canada initially through the sale to members of the Federation of a limited number of lithograph prints of a painting done by Mr. Robert Bateman, the out¬standing Canadian wildlife artist. Mr. Bateman has spent several years in Tanzania and has given permission for this work to be used in this way. It is anticipated that the profits from the sale could range from a minimum of Cdn $25,000 (TShs 175,000) to a possible maximum of Cdn $100,000 (TShs 700,000). Efforts will be made also to seek Canadian oovernment support on a matching dollar basis. If realised, these funds should be sufficient to meet the cost of translating, printing and publishing all the existing park guides, as well as other work.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, (EAF FOS J66.M4)
Wildlife, Management, Serengeti
Johansen, Karl(1980). Memorandum to board of trustees Tanzania National Parks