The politicization of bureaucracy in Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
This thesis investigates the process of politicization in Tanzania. Chapter one discusses the reasons for bureaucratic politicization as presented in the literature and claims that the reasons given do not fully explain Tanzanian circumstance. Then it is postulated that the main reason of the politicization process in Tanzania as a new nation is the search for relative political stability. This is discussed in a situation where politicization of the bureaucracy involves four processes: a) indoctrination; b) bureaucracy's involvement in policy-making; c)absence of a value-free bureaucracy and d) the bureaucracy's role of a client in a clientilist relation in the political system. Chapter two discusses the state in Tanzania in relation to the politicization process. The Tanzanian state is seen as an authoritarian institution which at most caters for the few in power. As such politicization of the bureacracy is considered part and parcel of the mechanisms aimed a maintaining this state. Based on field work, chapter three deals with the cooperative policy as related to the bureaucracy. A politicized bureaucracy is examined at work. Its interaction with the political actors in the day to day policy administration is analysed. The implementation problems encountered by the bureaucracy due to the politicization are also investigated. Chapter four concludes that the politicization process in Tanzania aims at securing political, stability. But in 1982 the Party, deciding incorrectly that it had acquired the supreme powers, and has managed to capture all other state organs, introduced "depoliticizing" moves which have resulted in some instability. The thesis proposes therefore, that there is need for prompt action. Either to restore the pre-1982 state organs arrangement which inclined to the Party -state model of the Communist countries or introduce all other liberal democratic elements which would support and sustain the moves that have been undertaken.
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Civil service, Political activities, Bureaucracy
Mallya, E. T(1988) The politicization of bureaucracy in Tanzania, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( )