Assessment of loan repayment in banking industry: a case of Tanzania Investment Bank Ltd

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University of Dar es Salaam
A research was conducted on the effects of independent variables such as bank capital, loan provision procedure, loan environment, loan repayment conditions, bank facilities, bank mission, bank mission and human resource on the dependent variable of loan repayments at Tanzania Investment Bank Ltd (TIB) which is located at Dar Es Salaam – Mlimani City. In this research, 109 respondents participated. The specific objectives were: To analyze types of loans in banks available to borrowers, to assess factors which contribute to non-loan repayment among borrowers and to assess effects of loan repayments to the bank performance. Both theoretical and empirical literature was reviewed before and after data collection. Interviews, questionnaires and documentary review research methods were used to collect data. Instruments used included structured interview questions and documentary review schedules to indicate the types of loans that are available at TIB. Findings indicated that factors which caused non loan repayments at TIB are borrower’s perception, start-up businesses, the on-lending organizations are weak in management of resources, mobilizing loan collections and making repayments, risky techniques problems and divergence of the loans from its intended purpose. Findings also indicated that non-repayment of the loans by the TIB customers necessitated the bank to write-off the loans from its profitability, thus affecting the capital of the bank and other prospective borrowers to borrow loans at very difficult situations such as a higher interest rate and a lower term structure for the loans TIB should review policies and procedures of the loans that are in place, increase efficiency of financial intermediaries, educate the customers on the importance of loan repayment and monitoring and control of loans disbursed.
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Bank loans, Tanzania Investments Bank, Tanzania
Iddy, I (2012) Assessment of loan repayment in banking industry: a case of Tanzania Investment Bank Ltd, Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. (Available at