Managerial expertise and workers' efficiency in Tanzania: a case study of Tanzania portland cement company wazo hill cement factory

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University of Dar es Salaam
Our country has since independence experienced low industrial returns despite the fact that many industries have been set up all over the country. The causes for that low productivity have been attributed to several external factors rather than the internal contradictions involved within the labour organization itself in the concerned industries. For the politician the blame for that low production has been casted on the insatiable greed of imperialists to exploit our resources through our lack of technology and in some aspects the management involved in the production processes. For the local managers the causes for inefficiency have been attributed to lack of foreign currency to buy the necessary inputs. In some instances workers have been blamed for being lazy and involving themselves in acts of sabotaging the economy. To some economists (Barker et al, 1975; Coulson 1975), among other factors, reasons for low industrial productivity include negligence on the ruling petty-bourgeoisie who in planning and choosing technology forgets the involvement of specific production conditions, the use of local skills and local raw materials in the technology chosen. However, in some cases where those necessary factors have been taken into account production has tended not to be better. This thesis on managerial expertise and workers’ efficiency in Tanzania is the study that without disregarding the impact of those internal factors on production goes further to make a comprehensive study of internal contradictions involved in the management system itself. The study concludes with an assertion that if managers were to abide by good principles of management compatible with specific problems entailed in our socio-economic system, if they study the productive system fully and utilise the available capacities of highly trained professionals who are now still lying idle; and if they fully involve all workers in the decision making process we can still boost up production though the external imperialist economic domination will still retard us in some ways. Lastly, it should be noted that this thesis had already been prepared before the government declared the by then TPCC’s Management inefficient and hence relieved it of all its responsibilities as announced in the Tanzania Sunday News of June 26, 1983.
Industrial management, Tanzania, Tanzania Portland Cement Company
Rwejuna, C. S. (1983) Managerial expertise and workers' efficiency in Tanzania: a case study of Tanzania portland cement company wazo hill cement factory, Masters dissertation,University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (