Gender differences and access to land under CBFM: implications for REDD+ implementation in Singida rural district, Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study was carried in order to examine gender differences experienced in livelihood and land access as a result of Mgori CBFM so as to delineate implications of REDD+ projects. This was necessitated by fact that, hardly any study has explored gender differences and land access under CBFM in Singida. Case study villages were Ngimu and Mughunga representing potential areas for REDD+. Secondary data were collected from literature review. Primary data were collected using key informant interviews, focus group discussions, household questionnaires and observation. The study indicated that Mgori CBFM formed a good base for REDD+ projects. This was due to livelihood opportunities that were experienced under CBFM and dependence on livelihood activities other than agriculture and forest resources had increased by 23.5%. Nevertheless, gender differences in access to land experienced in Mgori CBFM are likely to be exacerbated by REDD+ projects as reported by 50% of the respondents. This is partly due to insecure land rights and biased customary practices. Women may be affected the most due to the fact that, the sex ratio was 94 and unlikely men, women were heavily depending on land resources for securing food for their families. In addition, due to growing interest on REDD+, this is likely to raise the value of Mgori land even further from 100% increment that was experienced under CBFM. This can deprive Mgori forest dependent communities of their land rights through encouraging land grabbing by the more powerful as raised by at least 60% of the respondents. It is recommended that, forest governance be strengthened, land tenure rights of forest dependent communities be secured and education be mainstreamed on abandoning discriminatory customary practices.
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Forest management, Sex differences, Land use, Singida rural district, Mgori forest, Singida region, Tanzania
Kimaryo, G (2012) Gender differences and access to land under CBFM: implications for REDD+ implementation in Singida rural district, Tanzania, Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. (Available at