Tanzania cotton authority: towards increasing cotton production - an appraisal.

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study focuses on the attempts of one parastatal organization in Tanzania to realize some of its objectives. It concentrates on the efforts on Tanzania Cotton Authority (TCA) from 1973 to 1977 to increase cotton production in Tanzania TCA is only one of the many parastatal organizations in Tanzania Parastatal organizations owned by the Government or with majority government participation on profit basis and whose accounts are not directly integrated into the Government budgets. In Tanzania they include statutory corporations; state owned companies and their subsidiaries, state- controlled companies and their specialized organizations. By May 1977 they totalled 112. Parastatal organizations have been a subject of public debate in Tanzania among Politicians, Academicians and the Managers of these organizations. Institutions and some members of the enlightened public have all taken part in this debate. The subject crops up in almost all parliamentary debates in the country and it occupied a special place in the presidential report on the progress made after ten years of Arusha Declaration. Parastatals have been subject of debate partly because of the place they occupy in Tanzania’s Economy. Their special significance goes back to 1967 when after the Arusha Declaration, the commanding sectors of the economy were brought under state control and subsequently placed under the parastatal organizations formed for that purpose. The study revealed that Agriculture parastatals registered a profit of Shs 2 million in 1966 after spending 25.6 million. In 1967 they registered a loss of shs 3 million after spending shs. 35.5 million, in 1968 they got a loss of shs 11.2 million after spending shs. 75.2 million. In 1969 the profit was only shs 2.5 million against an expenditure of shs 112.3 million. In 1970 they registered of shs 5.0 million against shs 114.5. this shows how parastatals performed poorly.
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Tanzania Cotton Authority (TCA), Cotton growing, Cotton, Agriculture, Tanzania
Mukandala, R. S. (1977). Tanzania cotton authority: towards increasing cotton production - an appraisal. Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at ( Available in print form