Revised outline of the Loliondo livestock, wildlife utilization and agriculture project

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Loliondo is one among three administrative divisions of Ngorongoro District in the Arusha region of Northern Tanzania. The district is the home of the pastoral Maasai who constitute the majority of the population of Kiteto, Monduli and Ngorongoro districts in Tanzania, Kajiado and Narek districts in Kenya, In this approach in which the world is troubled with pollution and environmental degradation Ngorongoro district is one of the few ;Mpockets of land where destruction of nature is still minimal hence provides good opportunity to introduce and spread out development based on ecological integrity, Being part of the wider Serengeti Ecosystem the whole district is teeming with wildlife in diverse varieties of species* Lolindo division is an area of high production potential which in view of the rapidly growing population, acute shortage of food and foreign exchange facing Tanzania in common with other non oil producing developing countries is increasingly falling under the pressure of the hoe and plough. Without insuring proper planning and appropriate methods of exploitation of the rich but fragile land resources of the whole and constituent parts of this ecosystem, the natural interlinkages and specific valuable endorsements of the land can easily be destroyed not least by monoculture cropping.
Available in Print form, East Africana Collection, Dr Wilbert Chagula Library, ( EAF FOS F59 )
Livestock, wildlife utilization, Loliondo, Ngorongoro, monoculture cropping
Fosbrooke, Henry A. (1986) Revised outline of the Loliondo livestock, wildlife utilization and agriculture project