The Wild Life Conservation Society of Zambia

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The Lusaka Branch of the Wild Life Conservation Society were indeed lucky to have Henry Fosbrooke as Chairman for two years. He has done so much for the Branch and for the Society as a whole since January, 1967, that one tended to think of him as working full time for the Society, and to forget that he was employed in Zambia as Co- Manager of the Kafue Basin Sur-vey, an extremely exacting task in itself. It is quite amazing that he managed to do both jobs so well and with such enthusiasm, and still find time to write a book which is certain to be a best-seller. Following a First in Anthropology at Cambridge, Henry Fosbrooke moved to Tanganyika in 1931 as a District Officer, and became interested in the complex problems involved in the association between man and his environment, on which he wrote extensively in various scientific journals. This experience led to his apointment as the Senior Sociologist in the Tanganyika Government. In 1955, he moved to Lusaka for the first time, as Director of the Rhodes Livingstone Institute. Here he remained until 1961, when his disagreement with the policy of absorbing the Institute with the University of Salisbury led to his resignation. He returned on invitation to Tanganyika to report on the human problems associated with the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and as a consequence of his report he was appointed as Conservator of the Unit, a post he held until August, 1965. In this time he put in a considerable amount of work, reducing poaching to minimal levels, and boosting tourism in a manner that Zambia would do well to follow. He has just completed a book on the area, which will be published next year. I was lucky enough to see a draft of the manuscript, and most of the photographs. This tremendously authoritative book is guaranteed to be a best-seller, and will be a; "must” on the shelves of all conservationists. He returned to Zambia early in 1966, as Co- Manager of the Kafue Basin Survey, and transferred his interest in wildlife to our Society.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr .Wilbert Changula Library( EAF FOS F78. W5)
Conservation Society, Anthropology, Tanganyika, Symposium
Fosbrooke, Henry A. (1967) The Wild Life Conservation Society of Zambia