The role of non-state agencies in service provision in Tanzania: the case study of education in Mufindi and Njombe

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study seeks to evaluate the role of non-state agencies in service provision in Tanzania using a close look at the provision of education in the districts of Mufindi and Njombe as a case in point. A comparative analysis is made between non-state agencies (NSAs) and state agencies in an attempt to assess which of the two is effective and efficient in providing educational services. This study uses the qualitative and quantitative approach, in which ratios and percentages are employed in trying to explain the effectiveness and efficiency of the agencies based on a sample of 320 respondents it was conclude that NSAs have not been performing well in some respects as compared to state agencies. Most of the NSAs lack the necessary facilities, qualified personnel, as well as motivational decline. While in NSAs most of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction in management, performance in examination and rate of school fees, in state agencies a significant number of respondents felt that the agencies were doing better. Findings have revealed that the state agencies were doing better than the non-state agencies because of the availability of qualified personnel, teaching materials as well as predictable remuneration including fringe benefits and pension at the retiring age. It was further found out that the non-state agencies had not established reliable sources of income. They heavily depended on contributions from the people and donors which were sometimes not forthcoming. These problems together with the prevailing economic conditions have been a major stumbling block towards NSA's good performance. To be able to get rid of such poor performance NSAs need to establish reliable sources of income and invest more on human resource development so as to be able to match with their counterparts, that is, state agencies.
Secondary education, Secondary, Mufindi district, Njombe district, Tanzania
Soko, P. M. (1997) The role of non-state agencies in service provision in Tanzania: the case study of education in Mufindi and Njombe. Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (