The role of small-scale industries in economic development problems and prospects, Pare Distrct as a case study

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University of Dar es Salaam
The main objective of this paper is to investigate the place and economic performance of small-scale industries in the process of industrialization. The literature addresses itself to the role that small-scale industries can play in underdeveloped economies such as Tanzania. What problems are facing these small industries and what are their prospects. The investigation is mainly centred on five areas of their contribution namely: (a) Small-scale industries and rural output.(b) Small-scale industries and their resource utilization to satisfy local demand. (c) Small-scale industries and their capacity utilization. (d) Small-scale industries and their linkage effects. (e) Small-scale industries and their import substitution strategy. Studies that have been carried out in many underdeveloped countries have revealed that small-scale industry can be a healthy contributor to economic development. On the same lines the case study of Pare district will be used to show the place and contribution of small-scale industries in economic development. The problems that are facing these small industries will be isolated and the way to deal with these problems will be discussed. At the same time prospects for establishing new small industries will be outlined. The paper is divided into three chapters. After the introductory background and methodology part, the first chapter lays out the concept of small-scale industries in economic development; this chapter is mainly a theoretical analysis, which outlines the arguments that favor the establishment of small-scale industries especially in underdeveloped economies. Chapter 2 analyses a practical situation of the existing small-scale industries in a particular district. This is mainly an economic analysis. Chapter 3 investigates on the problems that are inherent to these small industries and tries to give out workable solutions. The same chapter tries to look into the prospects that these small-scale industries have and at the same time make concluding remarks
Small business, Tanzania, Pare, District, Industries
Mashanga, E. E. (1978) The role of small-scale industries in economic development problems and prospects, Pare Distrct as a case study, Masters dissertations, University of Dar es Salaam.Available athttp://