Assessment of business performance of call centres in Tanzania: the case study of Vodacom Company

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University of Dar es Salaam
Issues of customer satisfaction have great impact in business performance particularly in service industry like telecommunication. In Tanzania, telecommunication companies have been blamed to perform poorly in the side of customer care. This study aimed at assessing the level of performance of call center agencies in Tanzania by focusing on what Vodacom Tanzania Limited offered. Specifically, it aimed to understand the functions of the call center, assessing its performance that contributes to customer loyalty and level of satisfactions. The study also evaluated the factors affecting the performances of the call center agency. Questionnaires were employed in the process of data collection from both Vodacom subscribers and staff in Tanzania. A sample of 100 respondents was purposively selected among the Vodacom customers, basing on their familiarity and use of the service, and 20 members of staff from Vodacom’s call centre (employees). The study found that the important roles in the call centre that determine the customers’ expectations include responding to their problems, source of company information, customer follow-up and getting a feedback. The study further identified the call center’s performance determinants that need more improvement; namely, number of calls taken per time, number of calls abandoned, average calls duration, calls quality, and waiting calls. The results have implication to knowledge that enable stakeholders in the mobile phone industry to understand the functions of call centres and the factors that affect their performance in Tanzania. Some of the recommendations of the study to the management are to focus on recruiting experienced agents; offering of frequent operational and professional training to the call centre staff.
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Customer service, Customer satisfaction, Call centres, Vodacom Company, Tanzania
Raphael, K (2011) Assessment of business performance of call centres in Tanzania: the case study of Vodacom Company, master dissertation,University of Dar es Salaam (available at