Problems of innovation in Tanzania's crop pattern: the case of soya beans

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study explores the place of soya beans in Tanzania's agriculture from different perspectives: within the context of the general world food supply situation (in Chapter One), and in relation to the history, production, extension and innovation issues pertaining to its introduction either as a food crop or as a cash - crop. In Chapter Two' an outline of the history of soya beans in Tanzania is given, from the time of its introduction during the Groundnut Scheme, and subsequent decline, to the revival of production in recent years. Some theoretical issues in agricultural innovation are discussed in Chapter Three, with particular reference to the role of innovation and innovatory institutions in agricultural development. The renewed interest in soya beans in recent times has led to attempts to introduce it in various parts of Tanzania, especially in Morogoro Region. The interest is both nutritional and commercial: this has been analysed on the basis of field research carried out in the ujamaa villages in Morogoro Region Under the Morogoro Soybean project, soya beans were introduced in the communal farming system with the aim of encouraging the people to eat it as food, The attitude of farmers to Soya as an innovation in both their agricultural and food consumption patterns has been analysed in Chapter Five, against the agricultural getting of Morogoro Region, as described in Chapter Four. In Tanzania, a number of government and parastatal institutions have been made responsible for making general policy, and carrying out specialised functions, relating to various agricultural activities. The institutions which are responsible for the production, processing, and marketing functions' relating to Soya, are described in Chapter Six and their shortcomings are briefly stated. The conclusions drawn from this study are given in Chapter Seven.
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Tanzania, Soya beans
Sachak, N. A (1976) Problems of innovation in Tanzania's crop pattern: the case of soya beans, Masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (