The special rural development programme: planning and replication

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This report is very much the result of a collective effort. I am grateful to many Government servants and others for discussions about it, and for many of the ideas it contains. I should like to thank them all for their cooperation. The substance of the report has also particularly benefited from contributions from Joseph Ascroft, David Brokensha, Mugo Gachuhi, Judith Heyer, Leonard Joy, Boniface Kang’ela, Edward Karanja, Colin Leys, Peter Moock, Nicholas Nyangira, Walter Oyugi, and Harland Padfield. John Nellis drafted part of an earlier version, and helped in the development of the idea of types of areas. Although I gratefully acknowledge that this report is based on the findings and insights of others, responsibility for the facts and views it contains is mine, and should be attributed neither to any other person nor to the Institute for Development Studies nor to the University of Nairobi. This has, however, been a sufficiently common effort, and there is sufficient agreement among those with whom it has been discussed, for me to feel justified in using the collective pronoun in the syntax. This is intended to reflect a degree of consensus and not necessarily unanimity.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr Wilbert Chagula Library, (EAF FOS CAD3)
planning, replication
Chambers, R. (1970) The special rural development programme: planning and replication