The TanzaniaStatistical Set Up and the Reliability of the Data Collected

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University of Dar es Salaam
*Refers to Tanzania mainland since data on Zanzibar were un-obtainable. Reliable and current statistical data are important for various undertakings of a country (primarily for the internal purposes). In Tanzania, the major administrative unit responsible for compiling data is the bureau of Statistics, a division of the former Ministry of economic Affair and Development Planning (now finance and planning). Other types of data are being handled by various parastatals (e,g, the Bank of Tanzania and the National Bank of Commerce are responsible for the collection and up keep of financial Statistics, Ministry of Health is responsible for Health Statistics, Ministry of Education is responsible for education Statistics, Maendeleo vijijini in the Prime minister’s Office is responsible for Ujamaa Villages statistics the bureau of Statistics collects the data in three different forms:- (a) By sending relevant questionnaires to different bodies, i.e, parastatals , co-operatives, agencies, individuals (b) By Surveys- This is usually done by the Bureau itself or jointly with ministry/parastatal by sending a team of workers to collect data on the desired project. (c) By extracting information from administrative documents. The Bureau of Statistics is having six sections responsible for the compilation of statistical data and covers the following fields:- 1) Agriculture Statistics 2) Industrial Statistics 3) Labour and Price Statistics 4) Trade and Transport Statistics 5) National Accounts 6) Population and Tourism Statistics Besides these, there are 4 service units which provides consultancy and other services to the above. These are 7) Sample survey 8) Data Processing 9) Information and documentation 10) Administration. It is the purpose in this project to critically review I. The method of collecting data and II. The manner of their presentation The fact that project deals with the Statistics handled by the central Bureau of statistics does not imply that Statistics handled by other bodies are important. Attention has been focused on the central Bureau of statistics – the major data bank in the country for the purpose of convenience only. Furthermore, in the report, special emphasis is laid upon agricultural and industrial statistics because they are naturally the most important sector of Tanzania’s economy. Of the service units, sample survey is treated with emphasis because of its importance in the collection and up-dating the data in all the fields
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF HA2123.A56)
Statistics, vital, Tanzania
Akarro, Rocky R. (1976) The TanzaniaStatistical Set Up and the Reliability of the Data Collected, Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam