The implication of wattle trees on the community livelihood and environment in Njombe district, Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
Tanzania experiences the problem of deforestation triggered by human activities as a means for their livelihood, which depend much on natural resources like forests. This has negative impacts on the environment by modifying the ecology system. This study assesses the implication of wattle trees on the livelihood of the communities and environment in Njombe district. The focus is on socio-economic activities associated with wattle trees, food security and impacts on individual livelihoods. Climate modification, influence on soil characteristics, community involvement, influence of wattle trees on economic activities and challenges and opportunities of wattle trees. The study was conducted in two villages of Itulike and Matiganjola. These villages were selected purposively since they are adjacent to TANWAT wattle forests. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected using household interviews, key informant interviews, observation, and literature review. SPSS software was used in analysing quantitative data while qualitative data were analysed using content analysis techniques. The study found that communities in both villages were growing different kinds of tree species including wattle trees. However many individuals preferred growing pines, eucalyptus, wattle and fruit trees, in that order. Communities found it much better to grow more pines for timber production because it was more profitable to them compared to wattle trees despite its importance as a source of energy and poles for domestic use. However abandoning wattle trees may pose great risk of wood energy in near future. Wattle trees may be considered because of their ability to improve soil fertility through nitrogen-fixation
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Chagula Library, Class mark Dr. Wilbert (THS EAF SD397.A25T34K53)
Wattle (tree), Acacia mearnsii, Community development, Njombe district, Tanzania
Kigosi, J. (2014) The implication of wattle trees on the community livelihood and environment in Njombe district, Tanzania, Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam