The effectiveness of ICT on public fund management in local government authorities

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University of Dar es Salaam.
Governments are becoming more aware of the potential benefits offered by ICT ta public sector management. It is important for the Local Government Authorities to understand unique opportunities provided by ICT to Improve financial management Despite of the wide range of benefits offered by ICT, it must not be viewed as an end in itself. \t should be noted that, ICT cannot substitute good management practices and good internal controls. This study focused on assessing the effectiveness of ICT on Public Fund Management within the Local Government Authority in Tanzania. The study was carried in 22 District Councils, of which the respondents were coming from finance department who primarily involved in managing integrated financial management system. The research design in this study was a case study in which the researcher used both quantitative and qualitative strategies of data collection. These strategies included personal interview and structured questionnaire. The data was collected from 90 respondents out of 132 respondents that were targeted and distributed with the questionnaire. Data were analysed using Correlational technique to depict theexistence of relationship among variables under study. The research findings have revealed that, a relationship exists between ICT and public fund management and this relations change in positive direction. In view of these findings. the researcher concluded that Local Government Authorities should enhance the use of ICT and employ modern technique in delivering quality services to its people, LGAs should be dynamic and learning organization to address the problems associated with financial management and budget execution.
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ICT, local government, fund
Bikombo, J.B.(2011) The effectiveness of ICT on public fund management in local government authorities. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Dar es Salaam.