Diversification of the monocrop economy: the political economy of Pemba

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University of Dar es Salaam
This dissertation is a study of the political economy of Pemba Island. Sine over 90 percent of Zanzibar's total export revenue is from the sale of cloves (83 percent of which are produced on Pemba), inherent in the study is an examination of the problems of the monocrop economy and commodity reliance in underdeveloped countries. On a practical level, it is an evaluation of the attempted diversification which Pemba has achieved to this point. Pemba, as the smaller of the two islands of Zanzibar, has been lamely overlooked in the extensive studies which have been Bade in the united Republic of Tanzania in the past twenty-five years. It is hoped that this broad-based examination will serve as a stimulus to further exploration of specific problems and issues of interest related to life on Pemba. The first chapter introduces the problem. It begins with an introduction to the physical, demographic, and historical background of the island. Next, it explains the current state of Zanzibar economy and its dependence of the price fluctuations cloves an the world market. The second chapter, in lieu of the more conventional literature review looks at the examples of other underdeveloped countries who have relied heavily on a single commodity. The rest of the dissertation should be analyzed through the context of this historical framework. Chapter three is an examination of the political history of Zanzibar, concentrating on the differences between Pemba and Unguja, Zanzibar's two main islands. The fourth chapter explains the nature of clove production and traces the development of the close economy on Pemba. Chapter five examines the findings drawn from the different institutions involved in diversification on Pemba. This includes an explanation of the government planning process and reports from all Ministries currently administering projects targeted for helping to diversify the economy. The final chapter includes a summary and conclusions drawn from the study.
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Clove, Pemba, Zanzibar, Economic conditions, Tanzania
Cohn, G.M (1986) Diversification of the monocrop economy: the political economy of Pemba, masters dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at (