Effectiveness Of Sexual And Reproductive Health Education For School-Based Adolescents In Tanzania; A Case Of Kinondoni Municipality

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University of Dar es Salaam
Sexual and Reproductive Health Education policy in Tanzania started in 1980’s. its aim ia to improve adolescent’s’ needs for appropriate knowledge, skills, and information against sexual risk behaviors which have negative consequences to their future lives. While studies on the implementation of adolescents’ sexual and reproductive health policies exist, few have hardly assessed the effectiveness of sexual of sexual and reproductive sexual education for school – based adolescents that is incorporated in the national education curriculum. Using policy analysis framework, this study documented on adolescents’ awareness on various sexual and reproductive health issues, assessment of content of teaching and learning strategies used in schools as well as contextual factors facilitating or constraining the implementation of the policy. In achieving that, case study research design was employed where by both qualitative and quantitative research approaches were used. The study managed to involve 6 primary and secondary schools and 285 respondents were covered in the study area. Various sampling procedures were used depending on need of information from respondents by the researcher. Combination of data collection methods was used in collecting data from secondary and primary sources and data was processed and analyzed using SPSS and MS- Excel programmes. The finding indicated a number of shortcomings in the implementation of such a policy for school-based adolescents. These include incomprehensive contents of teaching and learning materials; inactive and non-participatory teaching and learning strategies; absence of peer education and other stakeholders; absence of guidance and counseling rooms in schools; absence of in-service trainings for facilitators including subjects’ teachers and school matrons and patrons. Moreover, there is less emphasis on the policy implementation by Municipal Education Officers. Consequently the majority of adolescent do not receive right information, knowledge and skills against sexual risk behaviors. This study recommends on the improvements of teaching and learning materials, strategies used in enhancing this education particularly on establishment of peer educators, in-service training involvement of other stakeholders, the use of active and participatory teaching and learning methods, allocation of enough budget as well as enough emphasis by government officials.
Available in print form, East Africana Collection, Dr. Wilbert Chagula Library, Class mark (THS EAF HQ35T34S52)
Sex instrution for youth, Youth, Health and hygiene, Kinondoni municipality, Tanzania
Shawishi, Salum (2014) Effectiveness Of Sexual And Reproductive Health Education For School-Based Adolescents In Tanzania; A Case Of Kinondoni Municipality, Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam