Efficiency of higher education provision through distance learning mode: a case study of Open University of Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study aimed at examining the efficiency of higher education provision through distance learning mode at Open University of Tanzania. The institutions conducting distance education programmes are allegedly not able to meet the growing demand and graduates from these institutions are not appropriately drilled to meet the stakeholders’ requirement, a problem that called for need to examine the efficiency of distance learning institution and OUT was taken as a case study. The study was conducted at OUT in Dar-es-Salaam region at head quarter and Regional centres. The total numbers of respondents were 88. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were employed in the collection and analysis of data. Data were gathered through interviews, questionnaire, documentary review as well as participant observation. Findings revealed that resources allocated were not adequate for OUT to operate efficiently. The Teaching and Learning support services organised by administrators and tutors are not efficiently executed in the sense that study materials are poorly distributed. Further, the marking and comments on the students’ scripts took long time which delays feedback to students. On the other hand it was found that face to face sessions were not effective and many students had lost interest and not attending them. Guidance and counselling services were important in distance learning but were not provided as expected. The performance of OUT was poor as many learners were enrolled but few managed to graduate. It was therefore concluded that the efficiency of OUT was low. It was recommended that the Government should provide more financial support, recruitment of more staff and improvement of support service and regional centres should be provided with adequate qualified human resources for assisting distance learners. Special efforts should be made to recruit more personnel to work in regional centres in order to enhance OUT efficiency.
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Distance education, Education, Higher, Open University, Tanzania
Mutasingwa, S. G (2010) Efficiency of higher education provision through distance learning mode: a case study of Open University of Tanzania. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam. Available at