Community response to free insecticide treatednets (ITNS) distribution through zinduka malaria campaign a case study of llala Municipality

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University of Dar es Salaam
This study investigated community response to free Insecticides Treated bed Nets (ITNs) through Zinduka Malaria Campaign a Case study ilala Municipality. Specifically this study aimed at assessing the distribution process of free ITNs though Zinduka Malaria Campaign.Then assessed the proportion of the under-five children who use the freely distributed ITNs in the sampled household. Examine the use of any nets in the households as well as identify challenges facing the whole Zinduka campaign. A range of data collection methods were employed during this study which include interview, FGD and key informant interviews. A total of one hundred and thirty (130) mothers of under-five children were randomly sample for this study. The study results showed that Zinduka Malaria Campaign was one of the major effective ways of preventing malaria in communities, However despite of the good things, the programme had the following challenges: the size of many ITNs distributed were small compared to common size of beds, the color of the free ITNs distributed was not appealing to households, the free IT'Ns had big pores that sometimes permitted mosquitoes to penetrate, the number of the ITNs distributed through the Zinduka Malaria campaign were inadequate as compared to demand, a community participation in the various process relates to their distributed was low. The ministry concerned to address the above challenges and in addition communities' participation prior to designing process and implementation be involved if such are to succeed the ministry should monitor and evaluate the programme at various stages.
insecticide, zinduka, malaria