An assessment of information seeking behaviour of students at the Jordan University college in Morogoro, Tanzania

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study assessed information seeking behavior of students of Jordan University College. Specifically the study intended to identify different sources of information consulted by students, various ways on how information is sought, examine factors influencing information seeking behavior, identify challenges faced in seeking information and to propose alternative strategies for improving access to and use of information resources by students. The sample included 156 respondents. Students were randomly selected while lecturers, administrators and librarians were purposively selected. Data were collected through questionnaires, interviews, focus group discussion and observation. Findings revealed that most of respondents use different sources of information but most of them lacked search skills for accessing electronic resources through the Internet and accessing electronic library catalogue. They use various ways for accessing information sources including seeking assistance from library staff, colleagues and simply browsing through the shelves. Major challenges faced in accessing and using information included inadequate search skills, inadequate equipment and limited access to the Internet, outdated reading materials and lack of awareness of the existing materials. The study concludes that users use various means for meeting their information needs and that they face several challenges in getting access to, and using information. It is recommended that efforts should be made to establish a computer laboratory equipped with adequate computers connected to the Internet to enable students to access electronic resources at the College and orientation program should be emphasized as a strategy to introduce users to library use as well as marketing the available learning resources and services.
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Information behavior, Library user studies, Information services, Students, Jordan University College, Morogoro, Tanzania
Mwinami, N. V. (2013) An assessment of information seeking behaviour of students at the Jordan University college in Morogoro, Tanzania, Masters’ dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam Available at (