Teachers’ attitude on motivation practices in public secondary schools: a case of Mbozi district – Mbeya region

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study assessed Teachers’ Attitude on Motivation Practices in Public Secondary Schools: A case study of Mbozi District - Mbeya Region due to existence of teachers’ turnover. Specifically, the study investigated the essence of training on motivation of teachers, found out how compensation practices is associated with motivation of teachers and investigated on how environment is associated with the motivation of teachers. The study involved a total of 100 teachers in public secondary schools in Mbozi District. Data was collected by the use of questionnaires designed in a five Likert Scale, observation and documentary reviews. The analysis was done by use of software package for statistical science (SPSS). The findings have revealed that majority of teachers had negative attitude up on the three motivation practices and given the opportunity (pull factors) they would not hesitate to move on to green pasture as it had observed that low compensation packages and poor work environment influence high teachers’ turnover while poor training practices in particular could not contribute much into teachers turnover but it might have provide teachers with poor performance .The study concluded that teachers are important on imparting children with knowledge and skills for future. They are able to perform their work efficiently and effectively if well motivated. Different to that they may end up with poor performance and turnover. The study recommends that in order to avoid teachers with negative attitude up on the teaching career the government should invest on allocating reasonable budget that will rely on implementing three motivation factors efficiently and effectively.
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Public schools, Public secondary schools, Secondary schools, Teachers, Employee motivation, Work motivation, Mbozi district, Mbeya region
Simfukwe, S. L. (2011) Teachers’ attitude on motivation practices in public secondary schools: a case of Mbozi district – Mbeya region. Master dissertation, University of Dar es Salaam, Available at (