An analysis of textile and dressmakers’ education and training profiles of selected dressmakers from the Dar es Salaam region

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University of Dar es Salaam
The study aimed at analyzing the extent to which Textile and Dressmaker’s profiles from the Dar es Salaam region vary in terms of educational level, training and opportunity for employment; whether the Textile and Dressmaking knowledge, skills and competences attained during training period are relevant and applicable to the Dressmakers current profession; and identify the problems facing dressmakers in Textile and Dressmaking profession.The study used descriptive survey research design, the questionnaire and observation methods of data collection were used to gather information from 90 Dressmakers who were purposively sampled from 6 wards in Ilala, Temeke and Kinondoni districts. The finding showed that: there were more males than females working at the sites sampled; the majority 65 (72%) of the studied Dressmakers had only primary level education; the mode of training varied with the majority 63(70%) having trained through the Traditional Apprenticeship Training (TAT) system; the initial training attended by Dressmakers was inadequate because not all dressmaking skills were imparted; the majority 40% had joined Dressmaking because they failed to continue with further studies; 60% of Dressmakers were self-employed while 40% worked as employees at the studied tailoring marts. Further findings indicate that Dressmakers encountered problems such as inadequate capital for buying sewing equipment, fluctuation of prices of sewing accessories, unreliable market, change of customer’s preference and unfaithful and dishonest customers. The researcher recommends that in order to improve the Dressmaking profession the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training should put more emphasize to the curriculum of Textile and Dressmaking at all levels of formal education system. Curriculum developers should harmonize and develop sound Textile and Dressmaking curriculum which should be enforced in teaching/training the course at different levels of institutions
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Textile industry, Dressmakers, Education and training, Dar es Salaam
Salum, K.(2010) An analysis of textile and dressmakers’ education and training profiles of selected dressmakers from the Dar es Salaam region. Master dissertation. University of Dar es Salaam.Available at